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School of Music


Advising Procedures

  • Please update the next four semesters in your Smart Planner prior to making an advising appointment with a Music Advisor.
  • Take an internet connective device to your advising appointment.
  • Take the gold advising verificaation worksheet to your advising appointment.
    1. Obtain a sample advising worksheet for your major concentration and recommended GE/GR (at right). Check off your completed courses and courses in progress.
    2. Check your "Academic Requirements" at MySacState.
    3.  Access SmartPlanner through MySacState
    4. Select the course(s) for any red “Not Selected” course(s)
    5. Review the College of Arts and Letters “Recommended GE Courses” to help you select general education courses
    6. Arrange your plan
      • Click “ARRANGE MY PLAN”
      • Drag and drop each course into the correct semester
      • Click “OK” to save your changes
    7. Click the Sac State Scheduler link near the top of the page
    8. Click “CLICK HERE”
    9. Select term, ✔️Save and Continue
    10. Click “Add Courses”
    11. Click the “My Planner” tab
    12. Click the check box
    13. Click +Add Course
    14. Click <Done
    15. Open the gear wheel “Options” for each course
      • Deselect undesired sections
      • Click ✔️Save and Close
    16. Click Generate Schedules
    17. Choose “View”
    18. Click “Send to PeopleSoft Staged Cart”
      You are now ready to add your courses on your Registration Date.