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Signup Times

Community requests for facilities use are taken according to the following schedule:

  • For Spring Events (February-May):
    Requests accepted November 1-January 31
  • For Fall Events (September-December)
    Requests accepted May 1-August 15

Space Request Form

Community Reservations

Facilities in Capistrano Hall are sometimes made available for rental to outside organizations on weekends during the school year (February-May and September-December). Note that our facilities are unavailable during Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday-Sunday of that week) or during Christmas break (December 24-31).

Reservations will be accepted according to the following schedule: for Spring Events (February-May): requests are only accepted from November 1-January 31. For Fall Events (September-December), requests are only accepted from May 1-August 15. Due to the busy nature of our program, space availability is limited, and School of Music events will always have priority in scheduling over community events.

The University requires a minimum of 60-days notice to process requests, so requests from outside groups must be sent to us at least 75 days prior to the event. More information is contained in our Space Request Form. NOTE: Organizations using this form must be educational organizations that are non-for-profit and whose primary activities fall in the field of music. All other persons/groups should inquire about facilities through Space Management directly. Organizations must also carry their own liability insurance.

If you wish to inquire in advance whether space is available (before filling out the Space Request Form), please email us.