© "Dance Spirit" Frank LaPena, 1981
© "Dance Spirit" Frank LaPena, 1981

Native American Studies Program

Department of Ethnic Studies

The Native American Studies program is designed to broaden educational opportunities for American Indian students and provide an educational experience for those interested within the total student body.  In addition, the program provides students with a rich interdisciplinary approach to theoretical, historical, and contemporary perspectives regarding the study of native peoples.  We seek to develop leaders for our Native and non-Native communities. As a fourth goal, the program seeks to enhance cultural awareness and identity in the classroom, the campus and campus community. 

To promote these goals, Native American Studies collaborates with other university agencies in recruiting, counseling, tutoring, and coordinating financial aid for American Indian students. Curriculum development has made Native American Studies courses part of the recognized course offerings within various interdependent disciplines and some of our courses fulfill the general education requirements. 

Within the Ethnic Studies Department, the Native American Studies program offers a degree concentration leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ethnic Studies. The program while not new, is growing and has the potential for exciting development.

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