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February 16, 2001

A member of the "Little Rock Nine"
Talks About Racism

Sept. 23, 1957 was no ordinary day for Terrence Roberts and eight other teenagers in Little Rock, Ark. Enduring unspeakable hatred, these courageous nine students were the first African Americans in the country to attend a desegregated high school.

Known as the "The Little Rock Nine," the students faced daily physical and verbal assaults, as well as death threats, and had to be escorted to classes by United States Army troops.

Roberts will be in Sacramento to discuss his "Little Rock Nine" experience, his personal fight to make America less racist and the harassment he has suffered in the cause of civil rights. His talk will be at California State University, Sacramento at 4 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 21 at the Multi-Cultural Center, located in the library 1010.

Roberts' received his bachelor's degree from CSU Los Angeles, his master's degree from UCLA and his doctorate in psychology from Southern Illinois University. He is currently the chair of the psychology program at Antioch University in Los Angeles, in addition to managing his own private practice.

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