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March 12, 2002

Legendary artists installs herself at CSUS

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Photo of Judy PfaffSculptor Judy Pfaff's work has been exhibited worldwide in major museums and galleries including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Whitney Museum. Now she brings her art to California State University, Sacramento as part of the 10th annual Festival of the Arts, April 4 - 14.

Pfaff adopts images, materials and rhythms from specific locations for her environmental installations. She incorporates her surroundings into each piece. "After I have been someplace, I think, 'Oh good, now how can I do something about what I see here,'" Pfaff says.

A pioneer of site-specific installations, Pfaff has continuously redefined the art form. "You have to have the ability to keep coming back every day and keep solving problems. I mean, to get fluid systems, structural systems, to get things that still are visual and are able to be understood and pulled apart, you have to have a funny sort of clear mind."

Drawing on many modern traditions - futurism, constructivism, cubism, surrealism, abstract expressionism - Pfaff's work is distinctive because she builds environments that respond to the installation's surrounding architecture. She translates the illusionism of painting and drawing into three dimensions, creating works that are shaped by manufactured and natural materials.

"A finished piece always feels like evidence to me, summations of what I've been thinking about. They look organic, but there is a hell of a lot of fitting going on," she says.

For the month of April, Pfaff will set up a studio at CSUS in Kadema 113 where she will create a new installation. Everyone is invited to stop by and watch her work from 6 -8 p.m., Friday, April 26th and she will also give a slide presentation and lecture at 7 p.m., Thursday, April 4.

For more information about CSUS 10th annual Festival of the Arts please call the CSUS School of the Arts at 278-2787. For ticketed festival events call the CSUS Ticket Office at 278-4323.

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