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March 14, 2001

Another Internet First: Chinese and American Students To Meet for Class

In a first for Chinese higher education, students from Peking University in Beijing and from California State University, Sacramento will take part in a two-hour Internet class that will allow them to interact live with video, audio and chat.

The class is scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m., Friday, March 16 in the University Library room 53.

The 14 American and 10 Chinese graduate students will be able to see and hear one another using computer-mounted cameras and leading edge software. In addition, they'll be able to have chatroom discussions using WebCT, the same system used in more than 40 online classes this semester at CSUS.

The Chinese and American students, who are all studying educational policy for both higher education and K-12, will address a series of questions related to their studies.

"This is all part of an emerging relationship that we're developing with the People's Republic of China, one made possible by Internet technologies," says Rosemary Papalewis, a CSUS professor of educational administration and policy studies.

Later this year Papalewis will teach an online class for Chinese university faculty on the use of technology. That venture is part of a general expansion of Internet-based education by the CSUS College of Education in recent years. The online master's degree program in educational technology, in particular, has proven immensely popular.

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