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Capital University News, California State University, Sacramento

March 22, 2004

Luncheon to honor staff

The annual Staff Employees Award Luncheon will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 27 in the University Union Ballroom

The event will honor CSUS staff and administrators as well as employees of the CSUS Foundation for 10, 15, 20, 25 30 and 35 years of service. Tickets are $8 per person and must be purchased before April 16. They will not be available at the door.

To purchase tickets contact: Julie Bard at 278-7001, Arlette Barnard at 278-4339, Amanda Cruz-Golberg at 278-6326, Jody Gayvert at 278-6297, Lillie Jones at 278-3635, Denise Nicholls at 278-6127, Barbara Oseto at 278-5694, Katy Romo at 278-7012 and Shirley Vicari at 278-6923.

Those to be honored are:

Academic Affairs
15 years
Judith Dean, Services to Students with Disabilities
20 years
Elsa Favila, Vice President's Office
La Tina Gago, Center for Teaching and Learning
Sabina Wilford, Services to Students with Disabilities
25 years
Richard Torres, EOP (2001)

Administration and Business Affairs
10 years

Jane Chan, Management Services
Randy Davis, Mail Services
Patricia Evans, UTAPS
15 years
Monica Flood, Management Services
Michael Gill, Budget Planning and Administration
Ronald Grant, Support Services
20 years
Nancy McCarty, Accounting Services
25 years
Teresa Mills, Payroll
Sarah Whyte, Vice President's Office
30 years
Irene Webb, Payroll

Computing, Communications and Media Services
10 years

Robert Doolin, UCCS
James Lew, UCCS
Carl Sanger, UCCS
Brian Smyth, UCCS
15 years
Randy Kirkbride, UMS
Robert Matthews, UTS
Merle Rae Meusborn, UMS
Gregory Porter, UTS
Adoracion Rominque, UMS
20 years
Kenneth Montgomery, UCCS
Linda Orozco, UCCS
Tony Wiench, UCCS
25 years
Gary Dunham, UCCS
30 years
Jenny Miller, UMS
Stephen Sparks, UMS

College of Arts and Letters
20 years

Karen Fujii, Humanities and Religious Studies (2000)
25 years
Teresa Gomez, Music
C. Willard Haynes, II, Theatre Arts
Rose Perez, Foreign Languages (2002)
Nancy Tooker, Dean's Office
Baldwin Wong, Music
35 years
Elaine Maeda, English

College of Business Administration
15 years

Carol Downey, Office of Student Affairs
Lizza Roy, Associate Dean's Office
25 years
Valerie Davis, Degree Program Center

College of Continuing Education
10 years

Alice Tom, Dean
15 years
Maria Crandall, Administrative Operations
Rina DeRose-Swinscoe, Program Dev. and Sup.
Susan Gonzalez, Conference and Training Services
Scott Holliday, Marketing
Barbara Lowell, Conference and Training Services
20 years
Babette Jimenez, Program Dev. and Sup.

College of Engineering and Computer Science
15 years

Marianna Rivera, MESA
Bruce Scott, Dean's Office
25 years
Cecilia Mattiuzzi, Dean's Office

College of Education
15 years

Suzanne Lunstead, Dean's Office

College of Health and Human Services
10 years

Roberta Fleet, Nursing
Adrienne Thompson, Social Work

College of Natural Science and Mathematics
10 years

Laurice Heflin, Dean's Office
Pamela King, Science Educational Equity
15 years
Sharon Jordan, Mathematics and Statistics
20 years
Steve Frank, Chemistry

College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies
10 years

Frank Preuss, ITC Shop
Marsha Robinson, Environmental Studies

Facilities Management
10 years

Steven Borden, Custodial Services
Fe Dasalla, Custodial Services
Robert Gardner, Engineering Services
Linda Hafar, Utilities and Facilities
Emiliano Julian, Jr., Custodial Services
Eric McWilliams, Custodial Services
Rolando Nonog, Custodial Services
Paul Serafimidis, Engineering Services
Frank Williams, Custodial Services
Yoon Yum, Housing and Residential Life
15 years
John Irwin, Building Trades
Rick Pasalo, Custodial Services
Paul Williams, Custodial Services
20 years
David Prato, Housing and Residential Life
Kevin Simpson, Engineering Services
Rosetta Thomas, Housing and Residential Life
25 years
James Knight, Custodial Services
Oscar Untalasco, Custodial Services
30 years
Bo Caballero, Grounds
Rodolfo Opinaldo, Custodial Services
35 years
Roy C. Almeda, Custodial Services

CSUS Associated Students
15 years

Cindi Dulgar, CSUS Aquatic Center

CSUS Foundation
10 years

Margaret Hannah, Water Programs
Juanita Ruiz, Grants and Contracts
15 years
Michael Babiarz, Dining Commons
Desiree Baker, Central Dining Services
Teresa L. Dean, Central Dining Services
Annmarie Hildebrand, Payroll
Thomas Jenkins, Business Services
Edward Lee, University Union Dining Services
Scarlet Maurin, Academic Talent Search
Nancy Pennebaker, Marketing
Richard Popovich, Building Services
Rolando Pungan, University Union
Brenda Rivero, Business Services
Laura Romero, Bookstore
Rosanna Smith, Business Services
Roberta Van Hill, Central Dining Services
Helen Winchester, Risk Management
20 years
Larry Harrison, Central Dining Services
Kathy Marcum, Payroll
25 years
Steve Robinson, Dining Commons
30 years
Doris Gorin, Bookstore

University Library
15 years

Fred Batt, Administration
Richard Cotenas, Bibliographic Control
Erika Keyser, Bibliographic Control
Tamara Trujillo, Administration
20 years
Lynn O'Farrell, Reference
Ellen Young, Budget/Procurement
30 years
Pairlee Berry, Information Systems
Inez Curtin, Bibliographic Control
Donna Gollihur, Acquisitions

Human Resources
15 years

Anita Bird, Faculty Affairs (2001)
20 years
Mary Ford, Staff Affairs
25 years
Sheila Orman, Faculty Affairs
30 years
Fran Sato, Staff Affairs

President's Office
15 years

Celene Harwell, President's Office
Tim Hodson, Center for California Studies (2001)

Student Affairs
10 years

Barbara Angle, Admissions and Records
Steven Iwasa, Athletics
Kimberly Kernan, Admissions and Records
15 years
Jane Heaton, Residence Halls
Debra Preciado, University Outreach
20 years
Boyana Barbula, Admissions and Records
Gary Belchamber, Financial Aid
Philip Siegel, Student Health Center
Lee Wright, Financial Aid
25 years
Laurie Bisset Grady, Student Health Center
Eva Gabbe, Career Center
Edward Perhay, Academic Advising
30 years
Raymond Grant, Admissions and Records
Barbara Oseto, Vice President's Office
Joanne Reilly, Student Activities
Shirley Uplinger, Vice President for Student Affairs

University Affairs
10 years

Susan Garcia, University Advancement
Ann Reed, Public Affairs


California State University, Sacramento • Public Affairs
6000 J Street • Sacramento, CA 95819-6026 • (916) 278-6156 •
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