March 25, 2008

Sacramento State professor awarded philosophy grant

Professor Michael Epperson Professor Michael Epperson

Philosophy professor Michael Epperson has been awarded a $200,000 grant for a research project that re-examines the “subjective” vs. “objective” features of nature.

“Logical Causality in Quantum Mechanics: New Implications for the Scientific Understanding of Mind, Will and the Natural Order,” won the grant from the Fetzer-Franklin Fund of the Fetzer Institute, an organization that addresses critical world issues through their psychological and spiritual roots. Epperson, a specialist in metaphysics, philosophy of science, and philosophy of religion, will serve as principal investigator and team leader.

The research is intended to exemplify a novel rapprochement of physics and metaphysics to advance an understanding of nature that transcends the conventional separation of the two disciplines, Epperson says. As part of the research project, Epperson hopes to hold a joint symposium with the Philosophy and Physics departments.

He adds that many of the problems involved with the research also are major features of his philosophy courses. “It’s been wonderful combining this research with my teaching in the Philosophy Department.” The grant is just the latest in a series of projects launched by Epperson. He’s also the writer and co-producer of the historical documentary The 11th Day and is co-producing a second documentary, Outpost Harry.

Co-investigators on Epperson’s Fetzer-Franklin team are Timothy E. Eastman, from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; David Ritz Finkelstein, Georgia Institute of Technology; and Henry P. Stapp, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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