April 1, 2005

Luncheon to honor staff service

The annual Staff Awards Luncheon will be 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 26 in the University Union Ballroom. The event will honor University staff and administrators, as well as employees of the Foundation and Associated Students for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service.

Tickets are $8 and are available in advance from: Julie Bard, 278-7001, Amanda Cruz-Golberg at 278-6326, Lillie Jones at 278-3635, Denise Nicholls at 278-6127, Barbara Oseto at 278-5694, Robin Rhodes-Cunha at 278-5245, Rolly Robinson at 278-6607, Katy Romo at 278-7012 and Leah Spratt at 278-5484. Group tickets to reserve a table of 10 are available from Kerry Wood at 278-5484.

The deadline to buy tickets is Friday, April 8. They will not be sold at the door.

Those to be honored are:

Academic Affairs
10 years
Nancy Loeb, Research and Sponsored Projects
Christopher Mayeda, ATCS
Scott Prentice, ATCS
Adrienne Scott, Cooperative Education

15 years
Sonya Lovine, Community Collaboration
Jeffrey Medlicott, ATCS
Eric Pierce, SSWD
Keith Rogers, ATCS
Marcos Sanchez, CAMP
Marie Torregrosa, Educational Equity

20 years
John Manns, Research and Sponsored Projects
Kathy Mine, VP’s Office
Janis Silvers, Global Education
Carol Slabinski, VP’s Office
Doris Tormes, MESA

25 years
Jeff Clark, Academic Achievement
Monica Freeman, Global Education
Gwendolyn Jones, Graduate Studies
Michaeline Veden, ATCS

30 years
Edith Schmidt, ATCS
Patricia Sonntag, SSWD

Administration and Business Affairs:
10 years
Victor Vinson, Public Safety

15 years
Brian Burger, Public Safety
Justine Crossno, Accounting Services
Caryl Vickers-Harper, SFSC

20 years
David Proschold, Support Services
Suzanne Swartz, Procurement

25 years
Kem Albert, VP’s Office
Kenneth Barnett, Public Safety
Janet Morris, Procurement
Carolyn S. Pittman, VP’s Office
Lynda Reposa, SFSC

30 years
Nadine Nakata, SFSC
Mary Jo Puthuff, Budget
Rosemary Quinn, Accounting Services
Janice Van Alstyne, SFSC

35 years
David Shannon, Procurement
Jeffrey Williams, Receiving/Shipping

10 years
Brennan Pike, UCCS
Brad Grebitus, UCCS
Duane Rueb, UMS

15 years
Michael Doyle, UCCS
Kenneth Forsyth, UMS
David Phelps, UMS

20 years
Spencer Freund, Associate VP, Academic Affairs/Telecommunications
Matthew Monsoor, UTS
Louise Scanland, UMS

25 years
Nhi Luong, UCCS

35 years
Holly Barrick, UCCS

College of Arts and Letters:
10 years
Margarette Allan, Communication Studies

15 years
Kim Dinnen, Learning Skills
Lori Lum, Learning Skills
Naomi Thomas, Music

25 years
Karen Fujii, Humanities and Religious Studies

30 years
Margaret Fuchs, Communication Studies

College of Business Administration:
10 years
Anjeanette Allam, Dean’s Office

20 years
Gwen Anderson, MIS
Donna Brown, Management

25 years
Richard Guarino, Associate Dean

35 years
Kathleen McCord, Degree Program Center

College of Continuing Education:
10 years
Angela Dunkle, Admin. Operations
Steven Grondin, Admin. Operations
Marge Hartle, Conference and Training Services
Elizabeth Hough, Program Development and Support
Patrick Rogers, Admin. Operations
Linda Wasina, Marketing

15 years
Sheila Arreguy, Admin. Operations

20 years
Kathleen Maddox, Marketing
Jill Matsueda, Program Development and Support

35 years
Cristina Galeste, Admin. Operations

College of Engineering and Computer Science:
10 years
Braja Das, Dean
Raymond Fraizer, Computing Services

15 years
Mark Minzyk, Computing Services
Denise Nicholls, Dean’s Office

20 years
Mary Jane Lee, Associate Dean
Michael Wimple, Computing Services

25 years
James Holtzman, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Ophelia Rodriguez, Computer Science

College of Education:
10 years
Virginia Dixon, Associate Dean
Annie Suarez, Teacher Education

20 years
Katy Romo, Dean’s Office
Nancy Rzeznik Camp, TPAC

35 years
Jo Anne Breese, Teacher Education

College of Health and Human Services:
30 years
Marilyn Hopkins, Dean

College of Natural Sciences and Math.:
15 years
Gordon Zanotti, Electronic Support Center

20 years
Rachel Brault, Physics

College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies:
10 years
Kristen Anderegg, Liberal Studies
Diane Kobely, Government

15 years
Lynda Alustiza, Psychology
Annie Thomas, Ethnic Studies

30 years
Otis Scott, Associate Dean

Facilities Management
10 years
Staci Louie, Environmental Health and Safety
Christina Patrick, Engineering Services
Ely Yasay, Custodial Services

15 years
David Davis, Engineering Services
Kenneth Drake, Custodial Services
Robin Lovering, Planning, Design and Development
Deneilia Pappas, Space Management
Nicasio Pascua, Engineering Services
Mark Winkelblack, Engineering Services

20 years
Bobbie Coleman, Building Trades
Ellen Deeds, Custodial Services
Richard Entrican, Custodial Services
Steven Fox, Building Trades
Donald Hendricks, Planning, Design and Development
Edgar Sagun, Custodial Services

30 years
Liberato Aguinaldo, Custodial Services

Associated Students:
15 years
Llani McCarthy, Children’s Center
Alma Ponce, Children’s Center
Sherry Velte, Children’s Center
Bob Whitford, Aquatic Center

30 years
Marcie Scherer, Children’s Center

10 years
James Beck, Water Programs
Lawrence Kushman, Information Technology
Lynda Nakamura, Academic Talent Search

15 years
Richard Araiza, University Union
Bruce Clarke, ATCS
Stephen Forseth, University Union
Dennis Howes, Dining Services
Yasue Kato, Dining Services
Trina Knight, Human Resources
Jim Molina, ATCS
Verna Moralez, Dining Services
Randy Rohlfs, Dining Services
Sandra Sutherland, Institute for Social Research
Lori Wisheropp, Marketing

20 years
Judy Rehling, Dining Services

25 years
Elvia Nava, Cross Cultural Resource Center

30 years
Luis E. Sanchez, Business Services

University Library:
10 years
Jennifer O’Neal-Watts, Circulation

20 years
Edward Alston, Circulation
Lisa Van Handel, Circulation

25 years
Lauretta Frost, Bibliographic Control

30 years
Lillie Jones, Administration

Human Resources:
10 years
JoAnne Davis

Student Affairs:
10 years
Linda Joy Clemons, Financial Aid
Nancy Hackbart, Career Center
Joyce Harris, Student Health Center
Noelle McCurley, Adm. and Records

15 years
Cynthia Martinez, Adm. and Records
Tomoko Matsuda, Financial Aid
Camellia Sahm, Adm. and Records
Jerrie Van Vliet, Testing Center

20 years
Bruce Berg, Psych. Counseling Services
Linda Hughes, Student Health Center
Sonia Largaespada, Outreach
Sandra Loreto, Adm. and Records
Debra Massman, Adm. and Records
Miguel Molina, Adm. and Records
Barbara Petersen, Outreach

25 years
Lily Lau-Enright, Financial Aid
Barbara Sloan, Outreach
Kristine Trigales, Adm. and Records

30 years
Gloria Cisneros, Testing Center
Sheila Deaner, Testing Center
Charliemae Graves, Financial Aid
Linda Maruyama, Adm. and Records
Sally Staysa, Adm. and Records

35 years
Thomas Griffith, Academic Advising
Carolyn Kenner, Financial Aid
Joleen Lee, Outreach

University Advancement
15 years
Susan Sherry, Center for Collaborative Policy

20 years
Nancy Shulock, Center for California Studies


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