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April 2, 2002

Sacramento Region's quality of life
continues to improve, study says

A new report on the quality of life in the Sacramento Region shows the region's economy remains strong and well-positioned to expand in coming years. In addition, several measures of social vitality - including health insurance coverage rates, violent crime rates and civic participation levels - show the region continues to be a desirable place to live and work.

The report, "Quality of Life Index 2002," was prepared by Valley Vision, California State University, Sacramento, and the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG). It evaluates quality of life by analyzing nearly 40 indicators of the economic, social and environmental vitality of the region, with comparisons to past years as well as state and national measures.

The picture painted by the report is not entirely rosy. For example, in education the report shows reading and math scores are above the state and national averages, but drop-out rates and eligibility for CSU admission in the region remain below the state average. In addition, traffic congestion has emerged as a significant issue as the region's economy and population continue to grow.

For more information about "Quality of Life Index 2002" contact the CSUS California Institute for County Government at (916) 324-0796. For specific questions about environmental vitality indicators, contact SACOG at (916) 457-2264. Copies of "Quality of Life Index 2002" are available by contacting Valley Vision at (916) 925-1923 or Additional information and copies of the report are available online at, and


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