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April 10, 2002

Afro-Brazilian scholars discuss race,
gender and democracy at CSUS Forum

Sacramento audiences have the chance to hear current issues on race and democracy in the Americas at California State University, Sacramento. Afro-Brazilian scholars will discussions gender, race and democracy Monday, April 22 through Friday, April 26 at the University Union.

The program features a lecture from one scholar each day at noon Monday, April 22 through Wednesday, April 24 and concludes with a panel discussion at noon Thursday, April 25.

Monday, April 22, Vera Benedito of Michigan State University and CUNY will speak on "Equal Opportunity Policies in Neoliberal Times: Some Relections on Recent Brazilian Experiments in Race-Based Social Policy," in the University Union Delta Suite.

Tuesday, April 23, Denise da Silva, a professor at the University of California at San Diego, will speak on "Global Territories of Legality: The Female Cutting Debate and the Emergence of a Raced/Gendered Subject," in the University Union Delta Suite.

Wednesday, April 24, Raquel de Souza of the University of Maryland, College Park will speak on "From Coal to Cream and the Myth of Racial Democracy," in the University Union Student Board Chambers.

The program concludes Friday, April 26 with a panel discussion on "Race and Democracy in the Americas, from the Perspective of the Next Generation of Afro-Brazilian Scholars," in the University Union Delta Suite.

For more information call the CSUS Pan African studies department at
(916) 278-7570 or the CSUS ethnic studies department at (916) 278-6654.


For further information, send an e-mail to or contact
public affairs at (916) 278-6156. For ticketed events, call the CSUS Ticket Office at (916) 278-4323.   

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