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April 10, 2002

Ambassadors of comedy laugh it up at CSUS

The Los Angeles-based "Ambassadors of Comedy" headline California State University, Sacramento's free annual "Stars Under the Stars" outdoor comedy show. The laughs start at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, April 25 at Serna Plaza located near the University Union.

Billing itself as a "collection of America's funniest foreign comedians." The show consists of routines about life in the United States from the viewpoint of four veteran comics who were either born or reared in other countries, such as Bangladesh and Jamaica.

In addition to comedy club work, each comedian has worked in television of film. Jeff Hodge, from Jamaica, has had parts in Crocodile Dundee in LA and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. Hodge also has written for "The Keenan Ivory Wayans Show." Shelia Rivers is from Puerto Rico and has appeared on "the Martin Short Show," "Sex in the City," and "A&E Evening at the Improv." Gerry Bednob, a native of Bangladesh, regularly appears with Joan Rivers in Las Vegas, is an international "Star Search" winner and appeared in Encino Man, Monkey Trouble, "Seinfeld" and "Mad about You." Bobby Lee, who has a Korean background, is currently a cast member of "Mad TV" and was the 2001 commercial spokesperson for IBM.

For more information about "Stars Under the Stars" call (916) 278-6997.


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