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April 18, 2002

Dorman chosen for prestigious Wang Award

Photo: William DormanWilliam Dorman, a longtime professor at California State University, Sacramento and a favorite among students, has been named as a 2002 recipient of the prestigious Wang Family Excellence Award from the CSU system.

Dorman is one of five people to receive the award this year. It honors exemplary contributions and achievements in both their academic areas and their universities. Each recipient receives $20,000 to use for any purpose.

The award was established in 1998 with a $1 million gift from CSU Trustee Stanley T. Wang. It is to be given each year for 10 years to four faculty members and one administrator from throughout the 23-campus CSU system. This is the fourth year it has been given.

Dorman, who won in the social and behavioral sciences and public services category, is a government professor at CSUS. He has taught and conducted research in mass media and politics since joining the faculty in 1967. He also is a graduate of CSUS, where he earned his undergraduate degree before beginning his graduate work at UC Berkeley.

Dorman has built a national reputation for his research into American mass media and its relationship to American foreign policy. Among his many publications, he contributed the article on journalism to the 40th anniversary issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, he is co-author of the 1987 book U.S. Press and Iran, and he was on a national panel that produced the highly regarded study on the Gulf War titled Taken by Storm: The Media, Public Opinion, and U.S. Foreign Policy in the Gulf War. He currently is conducting a review of recent research on the American media's international coverage for the Center for War, Peace and the News Media at New York University.

"I've been able to do some research, but for me the focus has always been on teaching," Dorman says. "Teaching is my first love, and CSUS is a teaching institution first and foremost."

That dedication to teaching has been strong throughout Dorman's years at CSUS. He has taken part in workshops, seminars, peer-to-peer coaching - anything to improve his teaching. He also has designed and introduced 10 new courses in government and journalism.

Dorman is known across campus for his engaging lectures and warm personality. The CSUS Alumni Association gave him its Distinguished Faculty Award in 1992 and the student government presented him with its Students First Award in 1995.

And he has received most other major campus honors - including the Outstanding Teaching Award, the Outstanding Scholarly Achievement Award and the John C. Livingston Annual Faculty Recognition Award.

"The Wang Award was quite a surprise, and a wonderful one," Dorman says. "Of course, when you've been at CSUS as long as I've been, you can put together quite a list of equally deserving people. So there was a certain amount of good fortune involved as well."

In addition to Dorman, this year's Wang awardees are: Wayne R. Bidlack, dean of Cal Poly Pomona's College of Agriculture; Margaret McKerrow, professor of theatre at San Diego State University; Herbert Silber, professor of chemistry at San José State University; and Hallie Yopp Slowik, professor of elementary, bilingual and reading education at California State University, Fullerton.

The awards will be presented at the May 14 CSU Trustees' meeting.

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