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April 18, 2002

Taste the world at CSUS

Experience the tastes, sights and sounds of different cultures at the fifth annual "Taste the World Festival" from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday, April 30 at California State University, Sacramento. The event takes place at Serna Plaza, near the University Union.

"Taste the World" provides campus cultural and religious organizations a chance to share their traditions through cuisine, performances, speakers and informational displays.

"This is an opportunity to have so many different cultures in one place with one common goal: to promote unity," says Jerry Blake, the coordinator of the event. "This is a chance for anyone who is interested to become culturally aware."

The University is home to more than 50 student cultural and religious groups including Movimiento Estudiantial Chicano de Aztlan, the Lao Student Association, the Native American Indian Alliance, the Italian Club, Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, Hillel Jewish Student Union and the Muslim Student Association.

Food booths will be set up at the event throughout Serna Plaza and prices will vary. Free entertainment will include live music, dance and poetry readings.

"Taste the World" began in the CSUS residence halls when an international student with culinary interests organized a dinner for all the international students in the hall to share their foods and cultures.

Steven Baissa, the hall director, enlarged the concept a year later as a venue to share cultural concepts, clothing, performances and ideas with the community.

For more information regarding the upcoming event or student groups call (916) 278-6595.

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