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Capital University News, California State University, Sacramento

May 3, 2004

Reception to recognize retirees

President Gonzalez and senior administrative staff will host a reception honoring retiring University employees from 3:30 to 5 p.m., Thursday, May 20 in the University Union Orchard Suite. The campus community is invited.
Those to be honored include:


Michael Adams Teacher Education 6 years
Roger Bartlett Accountancy 19 years
Heather Carling-Smith Physical Therapy 5 years
Lee Chen Chemistry 5 years
William Finch Recreation and Leisure Studies 15 years
Barbara Glazer Education 20 years
Kathleen Harris Nursing 13 years
Patricia Harris Nursing 13 years
Shotaro Hayashigatani Foreign Languages 33 years
Karen Hedberg Electrical Engineering 15 years
Marla Kuchuk Music 7 years
Linda Leitner History 10 years
Joann Nicola Family and Consumer Sciences 31 years
Thinh Ngo Mechanical Engineering 26 years
Susan Proctor Nursing 29 years
Douglas Scheier Accountancy 13 years
Dale Scholl Theatre and Dance 27 years
Susan Ullrich Nursing 12 years
Robert Visger Athletics 6 years
Jill Wilson Liberal Studies 1 year


John Addicott Speech Pathology 30 years
Kevin Calandri Economics 27 years
Donald Carper OBE 27 years
John B. Clarke Management 23 years
John Erlich Social Work 30 years
Charles Hagopian Mathematics 33 years
Mahlon Heller Electrical Engineering 18 years
Mark Hennelly English 33 years
Manfred Hopfe Management 34 years
John Jamesion English 35 years
Janie Low Teacher Education 21 years
Doman Lum Social Work 22 years
Merle Martin Accountancy 16 years
Kent Meyers Accountancy 24 years
Elizabeth Moulds President’s Office 37 years
Walter Perlick Business Administration 8 years
Felicenne Ramey Business Administration 28 years
Craig Stanley OBE 22 years
Ronald Tanaka English 32 years


Ronald Breininger Foreign Languages 36 years
William Budge Library 13 years
Erlinda Clark Accountancy 24 years
Daniel Decious Chemistry 37 years
Elizabeth Dokimos Speech Pathology 32 years
Charles Eden Criminal Justice 28 years
John Farrell Kinesiology 18 years
Albert Gutowsky Economics 36 years
Jospeh Kilpatrick Management 34 years
Robert Long History 39 years
Paul Tully Management 23 years
Kurt von Meier Art 35 years
Paul Waldo Theatre and Dance 36 years
Jerry Wilson Chemistry 34 years


Natalie Adair Library 6 years
Fe Aduna Facilities Management 29 years
Denny Allison Support Services 21 years
William Archbold UCCS 19 years
Mary Baker Library 19 years
Florencio Caballero Facilities Management 31 years
Corynn Converse Biological Sciences 19 years
Betty Lou Dais Health and Human Services 35 years
Edward Del Biaggio Business Affairs 22 years
Verica Dering Sociology 24 years
Estela Duran Facilities Management 13 years
Virginia Duran-Brush University Counsel 11 years
Darlene Entrican Graduate Studies 18 years
Kent Ewing Facilities Management 18 years
Sharon Fernandez Student Health Center 5 years
David Garcia Facilities Management 23 years
Elizabeth Glavich Student Health Center 37 years
Judith Graef SSD 12 years
Joseph Green Public Safety 29 years
Sandra Helland UMS 22 years
Larry Hill Academic Affairs 19 years
Karyn Hinnebusch Athletics 20 years
Karen Hofmann UCCS 24 years
Margaret Jarvis Financial Aid 21 years
Mark Johnson Facilities Management 11 years
Shirley Johnson SFSO 26 years
Walter Johnson Facilities Management 12 years
Calvin Jones Facilities Management 27 years
Robert Jones University Affairs 23 years
JoEllen Lindon Student Health Center 29 years
Pamela Macas Library 14 years
Robert Miller Public Safety 2 years
Rebecca Myers Chemistry 22 years
Joseph Neff Athletics 13 years
Jeanne Novosel Student Affairs 30 years
Walter Palpallatoc Facilities Management 26 years
Pennie Provo Business Administration 34 years
Patricia Robson Accounts Payable 18 years
Joseph Sanchez Facilities Management 34 years
Fran Sato Human Resources 31 years
Gabrielle Self Administrative Services 33 years
Jonathan Self Business Affairs 27 years
Philip Siegel Student Health Center 21 years
Janet Sonoda Biological Sciences 19 years
Valeria Taylor Financial Aid 4 years
Shirley Uplinger Student Affairs 30 years
Margot Wells Psychology 10 years
Francine West Theatre and Dance 18 years
Peggy Yasukochi Student Health Center 29 years


California State University, Sacramento • Public Affairs
6000 J Street • Sacramento, CA 95819-6026 • (916) 278-6156 •
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California State University, Sacramento • Public Affairs
6000 J Street • Sacramento, CA 95819-6026 • (916) 278-6156 •