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May 5, 2003

Retiree reception

There will be a reception honoring retiring University employees from 3 to 5 p.m., Wednesday, May 21 in the University Union Ballroom. The campus community is invited to stop by and honor the retirees for their contributions to the University.

Those to be honored include:

Londa Borer-Skov, chemistry, 30 years
Carol Brown, foreign languages, 30 years
Teresa Corrigan, women’s studies, 28 years
Ursula Crabtree, English, 23 years
Candalaria Davidson, social work, 13 years
Margalis Fjelstad, counselor education, 26 years
Roberta Gerhrmann, math, 21 years
Vicki Hall, women’s studies, 27 years
Ray Haring, family and consumer science, 24 years
Edythe Schwartz, child development, 24 years
William Shepard, biology, 20 years
Gary Spray, Teacher education, 29 years
Carol Stensrud, recreation and leisure studies 13 years
Barbara Strain, special education, rehabilitation and school psychology, 19 years
Maria Tobia, geology, 8 years
Thomasina Turner, foreign languages, 6 years
Albert Wehrly, math, 27 years

Faculty to FERP
Michael Baad, biology, 34 years
Kathleen Bowles, nursing, 24 years
Bonnie Busick, theatre and dance, 30 years
Duane Campbell, bilingual/multicultural education, 34 years
Henry Chambers, history, 36 years
Jay Crain, anthropology, 36 years
Janet Cross, teacher education, 34 years
Kenneth Debow, government, 19 years
Louis Elfenbaum, kinesiology and health science, 33 years
Wallace Etterbeek, math, 35 years
Michael Fitzwater, geography, 31 years
Ralph Gaedeke, management, 33 years
James Gehrmann, math, 29 years
Donald Gerth, President, 19 years
Ben Glovinsky, music, 38 years
Joachim Goldsmith, criminal justice, 31 years
Reginald Goodfellow, organizational behavior and environment, 27 years
Charles Hagopian, math, 34 years
Donald Hall, physics and astronomy, 29 years
Joseph Harralson, mechanical engineering, 23 years
John Henry, economics, 33 years
Robert Hurley, criminal justice, 27 years
Robert Jaffa, math, 38 years
Thomas Kando, sociology, 34 years
Jeri Langham, biology, 33 years
Gordon Leidahl, biology, 29 years
Mary Mackey, English, 31 years
Michael McCrystal, criminal justice, 14 years
Carole Mayer, speech pathology and audiology, 26 years
Robert Meindle, English, 38 years
Joan Moment, art, 31 years
Joel Moore, civil engineering, 27 years
Joanne Morrow, psychology, 29 years
Harold Murai, bilingual/multicultural education, 29 years
Donald Nostrant, civil engineering, 23 years
Anthony Platt, social work, 26 years
Robert Richardson, geography, 26 years
Martin Rogers, psychology, 34 years
John Russell, chemistry, 34 years
Carmen Saco-Pollitt, child development, 12 years
Yousif Salah, electrical and electronic engineering, 34 years
Burton Schaffer, management, 27 years
Michael Shea, math, 34 years
Chris Tomine, civil engineering, 32 years
Paul Tully, management, 23 years
Senon Valadez, anthropology, 34 years
Yung Yang, economics, 29 years

Faculty off FERP
Sharon Alexander, child development, 30 years
Lee Anderson, design, 33 years
Richard Bankowsky, English, 44 years
Gabriel Bannerman-Richter, English, 33 years
Marc Bertonasco, English, 39 years
Miguel Blanco, design, 29 years
Gregg Campbell, history, 36 years
Colette Coleman, speech pathology and audiology, 30 years
Victor Comerchero, English, 39 years
Leo Dabaghian, mechanical engineering, 39 years
Harry Dennis, foreign languages, 32 years
Emanuel Gale, social work, 36 years
Howard Goldfried, anthropology, 37 years
Paul Goldstene, government, 33 years
Margaret Goodart, history, 32 years
Charles Gregory, English, 37 years
Gilbert Hamilton, social work, 30 years
Juan Hernandez, social work, 31 years
Samuel Hill, foreign languages, 32 years
Vernon Hornback, English, 38 years
Jeffrey Hubbard, sociology, 32 years
Oliver Jackson, art, 33 years
Joel Knowles, management, 23 years
George Kostyrko, civil engineering, 35 years
Herbert Kutchins, social work, 29 years
Frank LaPena, art, 31 years
Elton Long, criminial justice, 30 years
Charles Lovitt, philosophy, 29 years
Jacques Malet, foreign languages, 28 years
Lee Miles, English, 31 years
Reuel Mugo-Gatheru, history, 33 years
Charles E. Nelson, English, 32 years
Charles G. Nelson, electrical and electronic engineering, 38 years
Thomas Phelps, criminal justice, 33 years
Mario Pietralunga, foreign languages, 32 years
Theodore Putterman, government, 34 years
John Ranlett, economics, 45 years
Gerald Rothman, social work, 36 years
Larry Sander, economics, 34 years
James Sime, electrical and electronic engineering, 35 years
John Skube, kinesiology and health science, 38 years
Robert Smart, theatre and dance, 36 years
Nathan Smith, counselor education, 29 years
Donald Steward, civil engineering, 16 years
Jerry Tobey, history, 38 years
Peter Vandenberge, art, 30 years
Charles Vanicek, biology, 35 years
Jeline Ware, family and consumer science, 26 years
Susan Willoughby, music, 21 years
Clifford Wood, University Library, 35 years

John Albro, computing and communications services, 36 years
Don Arata, facilities management, 12 years
Floyd Bailey, facilities management, 28 years
Ronald Brandon, mail room, 30 years
Bruce Balon, facilities management., 21 years
Robert Byers, public safety, 21 years
Sue Downs, mail room, 27 years
Richard Englefield, computer center, 32 years
Yolanda Gage, College of Health and Human Services, 29 years
Janet Haney, health center 15 years
Sandra Helland, media services 32 years
Chris Horine, facilities management, 18 years
Patria Jeffcoat, art, 30 years
Douglas Jensen, public safety, 23 years
William Kneisler, facilities management, 12 years
Robert Locke, library, 13 years
Ysabel Martinez, speech pathology and audiology, 23 years
Paul McEntee, mail room, 32 years
Thomas McKinley, facilities management, 20 years
Gary McRoberts, facilities management, 28 years
Sandra Moisan, career center, 3 years
Carlos Olivas, media services, 31 years
Jessie Richburg, mechanical engineering, 32 years
John Rivera, facilities management, 27 years
Hiram Smallwood, public safety, 7 years
Marilyn Taylor, College of Arts and Letters, 17 years
Judith Tennison, financial aid, 21 years
Sharon Zettlemoyer, organizational behavior and environment, 34 years


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