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June 14, 2002

Kids head to campus for summer learning fun

Instead of watching movies and riding roller coasters this summer, some kids in California State University, Sacramento's Academic Talent Search will be making them.

The annual on-campus summer program for sixth- through ninth-graders will have students in the "Physics: Invention and Design" course learning how to build a model roller coaster and those in the "Making Movies" course creating digital video. Other courses will have students conducting a mock legal trial, exploring animal behavior by training mice to play basketball and investigating a simulated crime using forensic science. Courses in foreign language, math, music, dance, computer science, writing, psychology and communication are also available.

Dozens of one-, three- and five-week classes are being offered beginning Monday, June 17 and running though Friday, Aug. 2.

For 21 years, Academic Talent Search has provided accelerated and enrichment courses, many of which are taught by CSUS instructors. More than 18,500 students have gone through the program and many say the program got them excited about college or inspired them to pursue a particular career.

Students interested in Academic Talent Search are tested each spring in about 400 schools throughout the Capital Region and three times at CSUS. Classes cost $80 to $278, and scholarships are available.

Media assistance and a schedule of courses is available by contacting the public affairs office at (916) 278-6156.


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