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July 24, 2001

Germs and More During
Academic Talent Search's Big 20th Year

Academic Talent Search Web Site

A new class on germs and a Japanese language class that's jam-packed due to the popularity of Japanese animation are part of the 20th summer of Academic Talent Search at California State University, Sacramento.

The program for sixth- through ninth-graders offers accelerated and enrichment courses all across campus, many of them taught by CSUS faculty. It's bigger than ever this year, with enrollment expected to reach 1,700.

"The students just benefit tremendously," says long-time Academic Talent Search Director Terry Thomas. "After taking classes through this program, many of them latch on to the idea that they really can go to college."

More than 100 classes are being offered from June 18 through Aug. 3, with most concluding this week. They include fast-paced ones, such as algebra, which often allow students to skip certain classes during the school year. There are also classes focused on making learning fun, such as forensic science and a new one on writing short comedies, as well as personal enrichment classes such as fencing.

The more academically intense classes require that students score high on placement tests. Others have lower or no test score requirement.

What they all have in common is the independence and discovery they provide students. Many Academic Talent Search alumni say the program got them excited about college or inspired them to pursue a particular career.

Students interested in Academic Talent Search are tested each spring at about 400 schools throughout the Capital Region and three times at CSUS. Classes costs $80 to $278, and scholarships are available.

More information is available from Academic Talent Search at (916) 278-7032. Media assistance is available from CSUS public affairs at (916) 278-6156.


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