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August 23, 2001

Record enrollment expected
as CSUS readies for fall classes

Enrollment at California State University, Sacramento is expected to reach a record high of nearly 27,000 students when fall classes start Monday, Aug. 27. Official numbers for this fall will be compiled by October.

Ronnie Lagro, left, gets some help moving into the residence halls from his best friend Delroy Ugbinada and his sisters Lauren, left, and Clare. Lagro is a freshmen planning to study psychology and is the first of five children in his family to attend college.If the estimates are correct, this will be the third year in a row with an enrollment increase of more than 1,000 students. The growth is due in large part to "Tidal Wave II," the large group of students now reaching college age, as well as increased recruiting and retention efforts.

The previous highest enrollment at CSUS was 26,339 in 1990, but for most of the last decade it was usually between 22,000 and 24,000. Continued growth is expected to push enrollment to 32,000 by 2010.

CSUS planned for the big enrollment jumps of the last few years, and is committed to maintaining access to higher education for the state's students.

That effort includes a fast-growing summer session, which offers students even lower fees than the regular academic year, greater flexibility and a chance to finish their educations sooner. About 4,700 students took advantage of this year's summer semester, and further expansion is planned next year.

"The summer enrollment exceeded our expectations, thanks to the collaborative efforts of many staff and faculty," says Larry Glasmire, director of special programs and enrollment analysis at CSUS.

CSUS is also continuing to expand its alternative schedule, off-campus and distance offerings. There are 48 classes being offered online this fall.

In addition, a series of construction projects are in the works. Work on a new parking structure will begin in October. Work on Modoc Hall, a 79,000 square-foot classroom, laboratory and office building, will begin next fall. Facility improvements are planned for the nursing and business programs, and plans are also underway for a 1,000-bed residence hall.

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