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August 24, 2001

Low-cost counseling offered at CSUS

With the start of the fall semester just around the corner, the Center for Counseling and Diagnostic Services at California State University, Sacramento is once again accepting community clients for career, personal, family and vocational rehabilitation counseling, as well as school diagnostic testing.

As many as 13 weeks of counseling are offered for a small, once-per-semester fee.

The center is staffed by advanced graduate students who work under the immediate supervision of experienced faculty members. Longtime counseling professor Guy Deaner supervises the center.

The students provide assistance with interpersonal issues, career problems and challenges related to disabilities. Students also administer testing for learning disabilities and for the Gifted and Talented program, for which full reports are provided. A professor observes each session.

Fees are $65 per semester for counseling, $100 for learning diagnostics and $65 for Gifted and Talented testing.

Appointments are now being accepted for the fall semester by calling the center at (916) 278-6252.


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