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August 27, 2001

Grad student mixes art media

picture of art exhibit.What do you get when you combine imagination, clay and wax? According to California State University, Sacramento art graduate student Heidi Bady, "perfection."

"Wax and beeswax in Welsh and Gaelic translations mean perfection," Bady says. "The knitting together of wax with the much stronger clay material is important as they are both natural materials. Wax has a pleasant odor and color that adds to its feeling of rightness, as does it's texture which can be similar to smooth skin."

Bady's mixed media sculpture exhibition will be on display at the University's Witt Gallery, Sept. 4 - Sept. 14, noon - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. An artist reception will be held in the gallery at 6 p.m., Friday, Sept. 14.

When Bady was accepted in the CSUS graduate program, she began exploring non-traditional uses of media, which in turn altered her perception of the images she reproduces in her work.

"I began at Sac State as an undergrad working traditionally in clay and painting figurative sculptures with house paint," she says. "When I was accepted to the grad program, I began to explore other media and a more fragmented view of the body. I am also very excited about the inclusion of a wax medium to my artistic vocabulary."

Bady has exhibited works in all of the University's galleries as well as at the Sacramento Fine Art Center where she received a first place award for excellence for her piece "No Way to Frame It."

For more information about the exhibit call (916) 278-6166. For media assistance contact CSUS public affairs at (916) 278-6156.


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