September 6, 2005

Campus pitches in to help hurricane victims

Sacramento State raising funds for newest students – those displaced by Katrina
Campus welcomes students displaced by hurricane
CSU opens doors to students affected by hurricane

Governor Call to Californians
Red Cross
CSU Aids Students Affected by Hurricane Katrina
Sacramento State hurricane relief and related information

Students and faculty at Sacramento State have joined the relief effort to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Like people across the nation, we at Sacramento State are shocked and saddened by the images of suffering in New Orleans and other areas affected by the hurricane.  We're working to do our part by reaching out and assisting the victims. I encourage everyone in the campus community to do what they can to help. Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez.

The California Faculty Association is accepting donations for the Red Cross. Checks made payable to the Red Cross or the Union Community Fund can be dropped off at the CFA office in Brighton Hall Room 106. For more information, contact the association at (916) 278-6196.

Several student groups are banding together to raise funds for the Red Cross as well. A “Five for Life” coin drive is underway with participants being asked to give in quantities of five: five cents, five dollars, $50, etc. And student body president Angel Barajas plans to issue a fundraising challenge to the student body presidents at the other California State University campuses. Students will be collecting the funds during Welcome Week activities this week on campus and at other events during the semester. Contributions, made out to the American Red Cross, can also be dropped off at the Students Activities office on the second floor of the University Union. For more information, call Student Activities at (916) 278-6595.

The CSU system has offered students displaced by the hurricane admission to seven campuses, including Sacramento. So far, eight students have accepted the opportunity to attend Sacramento State without paying out-of-state fees. To apply, students can call the CSU Chancellor’s Office at (562) 951-4727. For more information, visit

Media assistance is available by contacting the Sacramento State public affairs office at (916) 278-6156.


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