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December 7, 2001

Calaveras Station gets student writers on track

As a writer, the process of publishing your work is a tremendous undertaking of time and patience. But the reward of seeing your name and ideas in print is worth a thousand words.

CSUS students have the opportunity to learn the process right here on campus with the English department's literary journal Calaveras Station. Students from all disciplines and departments submit their poetry, critical analysis, prose, fiction and plays to be reviewed for publication.

"The submission procedure is no different than that of The New Yorker. Of course, there are many more submissions to The New Yorker but the process is the same," says Joshua McKinney, an English professor and oft-published writer. He and fellow English professor Doug Rice provide guidance to the student editorial staff, which often works on a shoestring budget.

"Students learn about layout and design, and get editorial experience, which is hard to come by. They have to impartially read each submission, which hopefully teaches them to take great care with words," McKinney says.

Founded five years ago, Calaveras Station gives students a glimpse into the professional writer's world.

"It gives students a necessary venue for their work and a window into the real world of professional writers. It also prepares them for the competitive process of getting published," McKinney says.

Aside from the glory of seeing their names in print, students whose work is published in the journal also become part of the English department's teaching curriculum.

"I use some of the text in my classes and it motivates my students," McKinney says. "It encourages them to think, 'I can write something like that.' "

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