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California State University, Sacramento

Posted: September 9, 1999

Alcohol 101: Virtual Party
Teaches Sobering Lessons

California State University, Sacramento students are getting the facts about drinking without suffering the consequences in Alcohol 101 - an interactive computer program at the University's Health Center.

In the program, hosted by a lava lamp named Norm, students attend a virtual party. They are put into different situations that involve alcohol, including drunk-driving, unsafe sex and alcohol overdose.

"Students may make negative choices and see what happens, or they can make positive, responsible decisions," said Laurie Bisset Grady, director of educational programs for the Health Center.

Alcohol 101 is a nationwide program that was first offered to CSUS students last year in a pilot project. Students may now obtain copies of the program through the Health Center.

In addition to the various scenarios, the program includes the Reality Wall, which presents testimonies based on real alcohol-related tragedies, the Rave Room, which offers textual information on alcohol, and DUI Information, which describes what it's like to be convicted of driving under the influence.

It also has a Virtual Bar, in which students enter their weight, height, food intake, mood and gender, and then choose their drink. They then decide how much to "drink" and the program describes how they have been affected.

More information is available by contacting the Student Health Center at (916) 278-5422 or the public affairs office at (916) 278-6156.


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