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California State University, Sacramento

Posted: March 2, 1999

Big Jump in Online Applications As More Freshmen Seek Admission

Online applications to California State University, Sacramento have quadrupled as the number of first-time freshmen seeking admission to the University has increased dramatically.

In November, the busiest month for college applications, 850 students applied online. That was up from about 200 the previous November.

Overall, undergraduate applications are up 13 percent through mid-February. First-time freshmen applications are up 20 percent, to 5,701, while sophomore and junior applications have risen slightly and senior applications have dropped a bit.

CSUS accepts undergraduate applications for most majors at least through the end of March. Online and paper applications require the same fee, though waivers are available for those with financial need.

"Our enrollment situation is looking rosy right now," says Eric Gravenberg, associate vice president for student affairs. "Online applications are definitely part of that. They've proven very popular."

Gravenberg also credits an aggressive recruiting program instituted in recent years, which includes student "telecounselors" who provide personalized help to applicants, joint efforts with nearby school districts to help students prepare for college, and increased marketing in the North Bay and Los Angeles areas.

"We've been working to meet the competition head on, and it's paying off big time," Gravenberg says. "The telecounseling program, in particular, has been very successful. Prospective students really appreciate the attention."

The University has been growing about 1 to 2 percent since the mid-1990s, and Gravenberg expects growth to exceed that rate during each of the next three years. In the current academic year, fall enrollment rose from 23,481 to 23,676.

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