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California State University, Sacramento

Posted: December 16, 1999

CSUS and Community Colleges Collaborate On Faculty Preparation Program

California State University, Sacramento and area community colleges have developed a certificate program for graduate students who want to teach at the community college level.

The Community CollegeTeaching Preparation program, which starts in the Spring of 2000, will provide course-work and experience for current and future community college faculty who have knowledge in their field, but want to learn more about classroom management.

The program comes as the CSU, UC and California Community College systems prepare for increasing student enrollment in the next decade.

The credential will benefit current graduate students, part-time community college faculty who want to become full-time, and even full-time faculty who want to enhance their knowledge and skills as a part of their professional development.

The program consists of five courses. In its initial semester two courses will be offered. Both CSUS and community college faculty will serve as instructors and students should be able to complete the program in one year.

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