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September 26, 2000

Intel Adds Power to
Advanced Computer Lab

Intel has once again made a substantial technology gift to California State University, Sacramento's College of Engineering and Computer Science, this time giving a dozen high-end workstations for the Computer Engineering Design Lab.

The computers will be used by students learning to design and build computer circuitry, and by students working on senior projects. Each computer is capable of running both Windows NT and UNIX operating systems, giving users access to both standard desktop applications and the specialized engineering software the Design Lab is known for.

The Intel equipment grant is worth more than $40,000, almost double what the University had initially requested.

Intel has long been a supporter of the University's programs. Among its numerous gifts in recent years was a $340,000 computer lab, which the company keeps constantly up-to-date.

More information is available by contacting Ron Becker, coordinator for the CSUS computer engineering program, at (916) 278-7944.


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