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September 26, 2000

Conflict Resolution, Work Skills
In Three New RCE Certificate Programs

Professional training in the fast-growing field of conflict resolution, developing new leadership skills, and help for workers in dead-end jobs are all covered in three new certificate programs offered through Regional and Continuing Education at California State University, Sacramento.

The "Beyond Management: The Leadership Experience" certificate program is for managers looking to "expand their toolkit." The program provides experienced managers with additional training, helping them create a work environment that allows more creativity, innovation and shared decision-making.

The program includes nine courses, including one on "The Challenge of Being a Leader." Another course covers "Creating and Supporting Teams in the Business Environment," while a third involves "The Art of Treating People with Dignity and Respect."

Other courses cover finance and accounting for non-financial managers, and how to build a successful mentoring program.

Full-time students can complete the program in eight months.

The increasingly important ability to solve disputes involving individuals or organizations - without going to court - is the focus of the "Alternative Dispute Resolution" certificate program.

Alternative dispute resolution often results in tremendous savings in time and money, and the federal government and many states require mediation to be the first method used to solve a dispute. As a result, many companies are asking mid-level professionals to develop their skills in this area.

The program consists of six courses and 32 hours of elective courses. Courses are orientated toward interest-based negotiation strategies, which are increasingly used in contract negotiations involving both public sector workers; in negotiations over resources such as water; and in the corporate world.

Students will get hands-on experience in mediation, and learn to facilitate the mediation process. They will also develop skills in verbal communication, problem-solving, and collaborative decision-making.

The program can be completed by full-time students in twelve months.

Finally, the new "Workforce Development" certificate program is focused on helping workers find their way out of low-skill, dead-end jobs and into more productive, career-oriented jobs. The program prepares students to staff the One Stop Career Centers, which were created by California following the passage of the Workforce Investment Act by Congress in 1998. The emphasis is on techniques for enhancing assessment and case management skills. Participants learn strategies for career growth and how to link with numerous agencies.

Courses in the program cover career exploration, ethics in workforce development, and foundations of customer service, with electives in case management techniques and understanding special needs populations.

Regional and Continuing Education is an extension of CSUS, offering a wide variety of courses, workshops, seminars and conferences. Formal admission to CSUS is not required to enroll.

Most classes may be taken on a credit or non-credit basis, and fees vary. Most classes are held on the CSUS campus, in the RCE classrooms at 7750 College Town Drive, or in the program's downtown classroom sites.

Because of enrollment limits, it is best to register at least seven days in advance of the first class meeting.

Call (916) 278-4433 for more information.


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