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California State University, Sacramento

Posted: May 11, 2000

Professor to Tackle Digital
Divide Issue While at White House

California State University, Sacramento communications professor Donald Taylor is going to Washington at the request of White House officials.

Taylor will leave Monday, May 15 for a two-week fellowship at the White House where he will work on a sabbatical research project on bridging the digital divide between people benefiting from technology and the nation's poor and minorities, as well as citizens in various countries in Africa.

"The digital divide is creating a knowledge gap when the United States, and several nations in Africa, are already experiencing other social problems," Taylor says. "Without access to technology people cannot participate in our new information society."

Taylor, a mass communications and research professor, will exchange research information with the senior policy advisor in the Clinton administration's Office of Science and Technology. Taylor will then evaluate policy reports and decisions to assess the administration's progress and any shortcomings. His results will later be presented to White House officials.

"What I'm curious to see is what ideas policy makers have and to what extent they are bridging gaps in access to technology," Taylor says.

More information is available by calling the CSUS public affairs office at (916) 278-6156. Prof. Taylor can be reached on campus at (916) 278-5318.


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