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California State University, Sacramento

Posted: September 22, 1998

Educating Teachers Now Year-Round Job at CSUS

Fall classes begin at California State University, Sacramento next week, but that won't change much for those educating future teachers here.

Spurred by a critical shortage of K-12 teachers, the CSUS College of Education began year-round operations this summer. The goal is to get well-prepared students in front of a classroom sooner.

More than 200 students in select programs took courses without having to pay the extra fees usually required for summer school. Year-round classes will be available to additional teaching credential students next summer.

CSUS was one of three CSU campuses given permission to begin year-round teacher education this year. The others are CSU Bakersfield and CSU Monterey Bay.

"We started instantly, almost overnight," said Diane Cordero de Noriega, dean of the College of Education. She had year-round plans ready when the idea was approved. "We've been pushing really hard to bring in more students, and this helps. It's just fantastic for the students."

With one of the largest teacher education programs in the state, CSUS will play a prominent role in educating the estimated 250,000 to 300,000 new teachers needed in California by 2005. Last fall, 1,397 students were enrolled in teacher education programs at CSUS, and nearly 900 others were in school administration or other College of Education programs (such as school counseling). During the entire 1997-98 school year, 1,026 students earned teaching credentials at CSUS, while in the 23-campus CSU system, 12,000 students did so.


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