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Preparing Students for a Future of OpportunityOur programs emphasize hands on experience and interaction with professors. Students in the classroom have access to state-of-the art instruments and unique facilities such as the two-story anechoic chamber for measuring sound and the well field for monitoring ground water.

Our graduates do more than prepare for their first job out of college; they learn skills needed to enjoy a lifetime of career advancement. Extraordinary opportunities for Sacramento State students include our Undergraduate Research Program, a Professional Science Master's in Stem Cell Research, a certificate in Electro-Optics and more. The college's Commit to Study program encourages students to study 25 to 35 hours each week to ensure success and timely progress.

Advancing Scientific Knowledge

Many of the college's faculty conduct research, often focusing on issues of regional importance. Faculty enjoy collaborating with students, and each year students present the results of their research at scientific conferences throughout the region.

Changing the Face of Science

We believe that science more effectively serves society when informed by diverse social and ethnic perspectives. Therefore, the college has committed to recruiting and graduating students from populations typically underrepresented in the sciences. Furthermore, we nurture success of our diverse students through academic support programs for students who face social, economic and educational barriers to careers in the sciences or mathematics. These programs serve hundreds of student each year, and have proven effective in helping students progress toward graduation.

Partnering for Regional Progress

The college strives to support regional progress by increasing the number of math and science teachers, improving the pipeline of well prepared graduates going into science and mathematics fields, and to build capacity for innovation in the region's workforce. We partner with the surrounding community to provide research, expertise, workshops for teachers and service learning programs.