The Center for Science and Math Success

The Center for Science and Math Success (Success Center) serves as an umbrella for several existing programs in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics with the goal of providing innovative and comprehensive student and academic support services to students in math and science courses.  The Success Center focuses on the implementation of interventions designed to contribute to overall student success, leadership, and engagement.  In essence, the Success Center is a one-stop shop for both students seeking help in becoming more successful and students seeking leadership opportunities within Center programs. 


The Center for Interdisciplinary Molecular Biology: Education, Research and Advancement was created to play a lead role in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in both research and education in the burgeoning fields of Cell and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Rapid scientific advances, and an equally rapid expansion of the biotechnology industry as a result, have increased our need for a source of information and training in these important fields.  Just a few of the many outgrowths of this information explosion include the use of embryonic and adult stem cells, therapeutic vs. reproductive cloning, genetics and evolutionary theory, genetically modified organisms (GMO), and nutrient-gene interactions. The Center provides a geographic and intellectual center for interdisciplinary basic and applied research, for the training of undergraduate and graduate students, and for community-based educational programs.  Like the chimera of Greek legend, the Center blends the strengths of many CSUS faculty, and our colleagues in government and industry, into a powerful force for education.

Science Educational Equity (SEE)

SEE is a comprehensive discipline-based program in the sciences. It is designed to increase the number of well prepared students from underrepresented groups entering graduate and professional schools.

Center for Mathematics and Science Education (MASE)

MASE represents an alliance between Sacramento State faculty and their counterparts in K-12 education in the Sacramento region. MASE also provides assistance to Sac State students enrolled in teacher preparation programs.

Center for Philosophy and the Natural Sciences (CPNS)

The Center for Philosophy and the Natural Sciences at California State University, Sacramento engages in research and scholarship that explores the philosophical implications underlying recent innovations in contemporary science, including those occurring in the areas of quantum physics, cosmology, and the study of complex adaptive systems. This exploration is, in part, a speculative philosophical enterprise intended to contribute to the framework of a suitable bridge by which scientific and philosophical concepts might not only be cross-joined, but mutually supported.

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML)

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories are operated by a consortium of six campuses of the California State University, including CSU, Sacramento. Classes at MLML are open to upper-division undergraduate and graduate students enrolled through the consortium campuses.

United States Geological Survey

The Water Resources Division of the USGS has established its Western Regional Headquarters in Placer Hall. Students and faculty now have the chance to engage in collaborative research with USGS scientists.