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What is a Professional Science Master's?

The PSM is an innovative graduate degree designed to allow students to pursue advanced training and excel in science without a Ph.D., while simultaneously developing highly-valued professional skills. Programs are characterized by combining rigorous study in science or mathematics with skills-based coursework in management, policy or law. Most PSM programs require a final project or team experience as well as a "real-world" internship in a business or public sector enterprise. Employers of recent PSM graduates in the biosciences range from large, multinational pharmaceutical companies to newer biotechnology companies. PSM graduates tend to find exciting, well-compensated careers.

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The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics offers Master's degrees in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geology, and Mathematics. In addition, the college announces a new Professional Science Master's Program in Stem Cell Research in partnership with the UC Davis Stem Cell Program.

Professional Science Master's: Stem Cell Research

A 20-month program of advanced coursework and paid internship prepares graduates for immediate success as:

  • Laboratory Managers—high paying jobs with potential for advancement in a growing number of Stem Cell and Biotechnology Laboratories or
  • Doctoral candidates in applied biosciences.

Biological Sciences 

The Master of Science (MS) or a Master of Arts (MA) degrees prepare students for a variety of professional career paths such as research, education, environmental consulting, science policy, biotechnology, science writing, and the health professions.  Our degree programs are designed to act as a springboard for further career and professional advancement.  By virtue of the University's location in the state capital, the program also provides unparalleled access to a broad array of career opportunities with local, federal, and state agencies.


The Master of Science (MS) program offers advanced coursework, hands-on laboratory instruction, and research experience for students interested in furthering their chemistry knowledge base.  Students who graduate from our program successfully obtain positions in the biotech industry, environmental management, high school and community college teaching, and Ph.D. programs at leading universities.  Most coursework is offered in the evenings, and the program is designed to be completed in two years.


The Master of Science (MS) program is for students who are either seeking to improve their professional qualifications, or seeking preparation for advancement to a PhD program. A key element of the program is independent thesis research, which can be carried out in a number of different fields. Students are encouraged to present their findings at regional, national, or international conferences, and to prepare results for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals.


The Master of Arts (MA) program provides an environment with small classes and easy access to faculty. While a few of our M.A. graduates pursue a Ph.D. elsewhere, most view the MA as their culminating degree and take jobs in community college teaching, industry, or in state government positions. Many of our MA graduates remain in the area and are now faculty members at local community colleges.