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The Professional Science Master's Program in Stem Cell Research is in partnership with the UC Davis Stem Cell Program and the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Students graduate with a Master's of Arts degree from the Department of Biological Sciences at CSUS.

Advanced coursework and practical experience prepare graduates for immediate success as:

  • Laboratory Managers—high paying jobs with potential for advancement in a growing number of Stem Cell and Biotechnology Laboratories or
  • Doctoral candidates in applied biosciences.

Stem Cell Laboratory--UC Davis

Help develop new cures and treatments for:

  • brain and spinal cord injuries
  • neurodegenerative disorders
  • stroke and epilepsy
  • osteoporosis
  • cartilage degeneration
  • bladder reconstruction
  • non-healing ulcers
  • burns and more

For more detailed information about the program, including application details and deadlines, please visit the Stem Cell Program Homepage.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Rosalee Sprowls, Department of Biological Sciences, (916) 278-7391


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