Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Awards: 2008

Examining the effects of the hydrogen bonding active site environment on catalysis in peptide deformylase.  Anthony Zamora and Dr. Benjamin Gherman.

Use of noninvasive genetic sampling to directly assess inbreeding in native Sacramento Valley red foxes.  Deborah Lytle and Dr.Benjamin Sacks.

Magma mixing at Las Tres Tortugas Domes, Baja California.  Rhianna Eads and Dr. Brian Hausback.

Geochemical Comparison of the Sutter Buttes, Lassen, and Clear Lake volcanic areas.  Dan Corcoran and Dr. Brian Hausback.

Paleomagnetic study of the near vent deposits of the Nomlaki tuff.  Christine O’Neill and Dr. Brian Hausback.

Mineral Chemistry at the Sutter Buttes Volcano.  Tony Brillante and Dr. Brian Hausback.

Applications of Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis (MAOS):  Kinetic Studies of a Microwave-Driven Henry Reaction.  Lindsay Noriega and Dr. Cynthia Kellen-Yuen

Applications of Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis (MAOS):  Faster, Greener Approaches to the Ritter Reaction.  Daniil Vasilchuk and Dr. Cynthia Kellen-Yuen.

Analysis of the dynamic point-source percolation model in a porous medium.  Yered H. Pita-Juarez and Dr. David Ziegler.

Mathematica Parallel Processing Cluster.  Dr. Hossein Partovi.

Testing Island Biogeography in Sub-Alpine Meadows: Do invading trees facilitate the invasion of forest species into meadows?  Jennifer Rossiter and Dr. Jaime Kneitel.

Organic synthesis of Metal-Salen analogs and measurement of reduction potential using 'cyclic voltammetry.  Michael Vu and Dr. James Miranda.

Climatic influence on meadow accretion in the eastern Klamath Mountains from 1000 AD to present.  Steven Theuring and Dr. James Wanket.

Structural analysis of amino-terminal deletion mutants of human apolipoprotein A-I. Joe Case and Dr. Linda Roberts.

Virtual Community Science Lab and Physics 107.  Aaron Klapheck and Dr. Lynne Tashiro.

Analyzing the walkability of downtown Sacramento.  Alexis Kelso and Dr. Michael Schmandt.

Using Novel Phosphine Ligands in RAPTA analogs for Anti-cancer Treatments.  Russell Croel and Dr. Rodney Feazell.

Is Leaf Turning by convict cichlids a function of food availability to the offspring?  Viktoriya Polyanskaya and Dr. Ronald Coleman.

Do Male Kribensis Prefer Larger Females – a Test of Male Mate Choice in a Biparental Cichlid Fish Exhibiting Extensive Female-Female Competition.  Nicole Constantinedes and Dr. Ronald Coleman.

Determining the rate of somatic mosaicism at the 15 Identifiler DNA identification loci in the human population.  12 students and Dr. Ruth Ballard

Pollination of Penstemon azureus:  the importance of pollen wasps and other pollinators throughout California.  Merrill Roseberry and Dr. Shannon Datwyler.

Quantitation of Glycoprotein Oligosaccharides using HPLC with Charged Aerosol Detection.  Monique Bostidas and Dr. Thomas Peavy.

Monitoring and assessment of stream restoration projects on the Lower American River.  3 students and Dr. Tim Horner.

Kinetic Characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana Pyruvate Kinase Isozymes.  Yasunori Yamamoto and Dr. Thomas Savage.