Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Awards: 2009

The genetic origin of the Saluki. Kristen Ahrens and Dr. Benjamin Sacks.

Do competition and facilitation regulate Sierra Nevada meadow plant communities? Jim Alford and Dr. Jamie Kneitel.

Aquatic community diversity in a potentially isolated cave pool.  Tracy Audisio and Dr. Ronald Coleman.

Do male Kribensis prefer larger females? A test of male choice in a biparental cichlid fish exhibiting extensive larger female-female competition.  Nichole Constantinedes and Dr. Ronald Coleman.

Effects of cattle dung on community structures in vernal pool mesocosms.  Rusell Croel and Dr. Jamie Kneitel.

Soil moisture and seasonality effects on tree islands.  Jennifer Rossiter and Dr. Jamie Kneitel.

Effects of California Mugwort and Osha on normal human cells and breast cancer cells.  Richard Aguirre and Dr. Mary McCarthy-Hintz.

A synthetic approach to the anticancer drug Poditraxel.  Andrea Bailey and Dr. James Miranda.

In vitro tranlsation of plant pyruvate kinase.  Jessica Bui and Dr. Thomas Savage.

Effects of various mushrooms on normal cells.  Camanch Camacho and Mary McCarthy-Hintz.

Optimization of the Bergnman cyckization of an enetetrayne.  Nicola Clayton and Dr. John Spence.

Development of a method to quantitate vitamin d3 metabolites in breast cancer cells by hplc with an ultravioloet light detctor and aerosol charge detector.  Crystin Eggers and Dr. Mary McCarthy-Hintz.

Emissions of very reactive volatile organic compounds from plants.  Jason Fell and Dr. Bradley Baker.

No title.  Adam Floyd and Dr. Linda Roberts.

Synthesis and photoreactivity of 1,2-bis (naphthalene-1-ylethynyl)benzene.  Nadezhda Korovina, Dr. Benjamin Gherman and Dr. John Spence.

Prediction of reduction potentials from electron affinities for metal salens.  Victor Mendiola and Dr. Benhamin Gherman.

Computational study of the effects of the hydrogen bonding protein environment on the enzymatic mechanism of eubacterial peptide deformylase.  Anthony Zamora and Dr. Benjamin Gherman.

Amyloid fibril formation in a mutant apolipoprotein.  Angela Monterrubio and Dr. Linda Roberts.

Expression and purification of catalytically active plant pyruvate kinase.  Kulvir Sarai and Dr. Thomas Savage.

Reconstructing climate and glacial activity from lake sediment acquired in the Trinity Alps in northwest California from 100AD to present.  Kaydee Russo and Dr. James Wanket.

Computational modeling of the atomic structure of nanowires.  Brandon Ausmus and Dr. Jerome Buerki.

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