Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Awards: 2010

Light and terperature dependence of sequiterpene emissions from California vegetation.  Niria Arellano-Jara and Dr. Bradly Baker.

Vinylcyclopropane cyclization-fragmentation: An approach to medium sized rings.  Andrea Bailey and Dr. James Miranda.

Withdrawals from the cyst bank: Does nutirent addition affect recruitment in vernal pools?  Russell Croel and Dr. Jamie Kneitel.

Does the number of eggs increase with body size in the kribensis, a West Aftrican Cichlid fish?  Jasmine Hamilton and Dr. Ronald Coleman.

Control of the molecular pretilt angle in liquid crystal cells using a low-density localized polymer network.  Raul Herrera and Dr. Tatiana Sergan.

Determinization of the cytotoxic potency of osha and oshala root extracts on breast cancer cells.  Ashley Jackson and Dr. Mary McCarthy-Hintz.

Monte Carlo simulations on the performance of mixed-effect models when analyzing proportions close to 0.5.  Lydia Palma and Dr. David Zeigler

Size assortative mating in two riverine species of neotropical cichlid fishes in Northeastern Costa Rica.  Sarah Van Ruiten and Dr. Ronald Coleman.