Commit to Study's Available Workshops

Open Workshop Dates

  • Check back in the Fall!
  • Developing a Growth Mindset (for Students)
    • Fostering Growth Mindset in the Classroom (for Faculty)
  • Test-taking Strategies for Science and Math Classes
  • Learn to Avoid Procrastination
  • Time-Management for Busy Science and Math Students
  • Essential Study Skills for Science and Math Classes


Our Workshops:  

            • Are perfect for either 50 or 75 minute classes. 
            • Are brought to you by your fellow students, C2S peer ambassadors
            • Provide an interactive mix of discussion, video, and individual reflection.
            • Offer tips on how to navigate classes, work-life balance, and more.
            • Shares C2S program info for any students interested in having a mentor.
*Schedule a workshop for your class, club, or org at