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Learning assistants at work

Ready to become a Learning Assistant? Applications for PHYS 11A and PHYS 11C this Fall 17 are now closed. BIO 2 applications for Fall 2017 are open. Please follow this link to apply. If you fill out an application and your plans change please let us know as soon as possible so another student can be hired. Notify us by sending an email to Prof. Margoniner.

In Fall 2017 the program will include physics (PHYS 11A, PHYS 11C, and BIO 2) courses. Students interested in working in high school classrooms are also welcome to apply and may earn upper division units.

Fall 2017 LA Supported Classes
Course Meeting place Meeting times Faculty
PHYS 11A MND 1015 MWF 2:00PM-2:50PM Margoniner, Vera
PHYS 11C MND 1015 TR, 12:00PM-1:15PM Block, Matthew
PHYS 11C MND 1015 MWF, 3:00PM-3:50PM Moss, Joshua
BIO 2 ARC 1010 MW 4-5:15 PM Gleason
BIO 2 SQU 208 M 1-3:50 PM Ahrens
BIO 2 SQU 208 W 9-11:50 AM Lunetta-Doerflein
BIO 2 SQU 208 R 3-5:50 PM Anderton
BIO 2 SQU 338 TR 9-10:15 AM Peavy
BIO 2 SQU 208 T 10:30 AM-01:20 PM Anderton
BIO 2 SQU 208 W 1-3:50 PM Ahrens
BIO 2 SQU 208 R 10:30 AM-01:20 PM Reis

The mandatory pedagogy course will meet on Fridays from 1pm to 1:50pm. Your instructor will also schedule a separate 1 hour meeting to discuss issues specific to the class you are working on.