Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the PAL office hours held?
SQU 248-  Chem 1A, 1B, 4, 5, 24, and Bio 22
SQU 315- Math 12, 29, 30, 31, 32 and Stats 1
SQU 320- Bio 121, 131, 139, and 184

Can I just drop in the PAL without enrolling?
For most PAL sections, yes. Go to the PAL and ask if there is room for you to enroll. PAL Facilitators will help with the enrollment process.

Can I register in the PAL on my own through Student Center?
Before the semester starts, yes (for most seats). After the semester starts, you must go in person to the PAL in which you’d like to enroll. When in doubt, go to the PAL.

What if I’m not in a PAL?
PAL office hours are open to all students. Check the schedule posted outside SQU 248, 315, or 320 or here.

How are PALS graded?
 PALS are graded Credit/No Credit, which is based on attendance and participation. 

Aren’t facilitators just tutors or secondary professors? Why don’t facilitators give us the answers? 
No, Facilitators are undergraduates who have completed rigorous training in how to best facilitate student success in STEM courses. They will not simply show students how to arrive at the answer, but instead will support students in building their own knowledge so that they have long-term success in the course.

How can I become a PAL Facilitator? 
To be a PAL facilitator students complete an application. If you are interested in shadowing a current PAL facilitator limited opportunities are aviable in the spring semester. 

What is the PAL Model?
The PAL model is based on twenty years of national research on learning using something called Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL). More information can be found here.