Chemical Calculations (Chem 4) Worksheets


Introductory chemistry for students who plan to major in a scientific field. Appropriate for students desiring to prepare themselves for Chemistry 1A. Emphasizes chemical nomenclature and techniques of chemical problem solving. Topics covered include: dimensional analysis; conversions between measuring units; weight, mole and chemical equations; density; elementary gas laws; heat and temperature; elementary acid and base chemistry; oxidation and reduction; solutions.


Chem 4


1. Textbook Reading

9. Mixed Significant Figures

16. Mass Percent and Empirical Formulas

2. Concept Map

10. Conversion Factors

17. Balancing Reactions

3. Nucleus

11. Hybrid Car Calculations

18. Solutions and Net Ionic Equations

4. Atomic Mass

12. Density

19.  Classifying Reactions

5. Compounds

13a. Energy

20. Reaction Calculations

6. Naming Ionic

13b. Heat Capacity

21. Limiting Reactant Calculations

7. Naming Review

14. Mole Calculations

22. More Limiting Reactant Calculations

8. Significant Figures

15. More Mole Calculations

23. Mini Practice Final Exam