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Beyond the Book


Learn more about the themes and experiences described in the book. The following are a few resources to go beyond the book, including discussion questions, classroom resources, links, and cultural resources.



In the Classroom

  • Paper Topic: Storytelling

    One Amazing Thing points to the importance of storytelling as a cohesive force.

    Storytelling as investigating/examining personal histories: Write the story of YOUR one amazing thing in your life.

    Storytelling as investigating/examining personal and cultural histories:
    Describe and analyze any storytelling experiences/traditions you have had, or wish you had, in your life.

    Storytelling as investigating/examining society: What role does storytelling play in the U.S. today? Where do we go for stories? What are the pros and cons of this? How can storytelling be used to strengthen societal structures in the U.S. today?

  • Classroom Activity: Small Group Discussion Topic

    In One Amazing Thing, the different characters respond in very different ways to being trapped in a dangerous situation that is out of their control. Can you categorize some of these responses? What kinds of people seem to respond most positively in such circumstances? What kinds of people respond most negatively? Are there mental habits we can learn that would allow us to deal better with such circumstances, should they occur in our lives?

  • Classroom Activity or Paper Topic: Health and Addictions

    Several of the characters in One Amazing Thing fall prey to addictions of different kinds, some physical and some psychological. Analyze these addictions, their causes and their results. Research ways in which they may be dealt with. What have you learned from this about the causes of addiction, ways in which it may be prevented or controlled, and solutions to addiction?

  • Service Learning Activity

    Building on Cameron's story, create a service learning project that connects students to a local non-profit organization in the community that need volunteers. Follow up with a paper asking students to write about the experience.

    Sac State Serves is a community service program open to the campus community. Faculty, staff, students, and alumni are invited to take part in local, single-day service projects throughout the year. Please contact the Community Engagement Center for assistance.



Links and Resources


  • Accessible version of the One Book available online

    Chitra Divakaruni's One Amazing Thing is available through Learning Ally in audiobook format for students with disabilities who cannot read standard print. Students with disabilities can also contact Services to Students with Disabilities at or (916) 278-6955 or (916) 278-7239 (TTY) for assistance with alternate formats.

  • Resources available at the University Library

    Information will be added as materials are developed and become available.



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last updated: October 3, 2012