One Book Program FAQ

1. What is the One Book Program?

2. What is the One Book selection process?

3. How far in advance is a book selected?

4. Who is involved with the selection process?

5. How do I get involved with the One Book Program?

6. How can I intern for the One Book Program?

7. When is Author Day?

8. Can the public attend One Book Program events?

9. How is First Year Experience (FYE) Programs connected to the One Book Program?

1. The One Book Program is a common reading program for the campus community. The purpose is to create a common intellectual community based on a shared text.

2. The One Book is decided upon by a committee of volunteer faculty, staff, and students. Any member of the campus community can suggest a book to the Committee. 

3. The One Book is selected each winter for the following academic year.

4. Committee members scan and read books during the summer and meet regularly in the fall semester to share books that would engage members of Sac State. By varying the primary topics highlighted in the One Book each year, we hope to engage all parts of the campus community over time. Every book can’t appeal to all members every year, but we strive to “make the rounds” as quickly as possible.

5. Volunteer! Except for the Faculty Coordinator and the part-time administrative assistant, all One Book participants are volunteers. Faculty and Staff may volunteer to serve on the One Book Selection Committee. Students, of any major, can interview to become and One Book Publicity and Events intern, gaining first-hand experience in public relations and event planning.

6. Please send a query email to

7. Author Day, which used to be an annual event, will now be a triennial event due to rising author’s speaking fees and a stagnant budget. Our next Author Day will be in the 2018-2019 academic year.

8. Yes! All One Book events and activities listed on the Events page are free. While some are geared primarily for specific student populations, anyone can attend One Book events. 

9. The One Book Program is proud to be a thriving, stand-alone, high-impact campus program that partners and serves various parts of the campus community, such as GE Honors, Residential Life and Housing, Multi-Cultural Center, and the University Library. Three years ago, the First Year Experience recognized the crucial role that a common intellectual experience has for first-year success and retention rates and incorporated the One Book into its curriculum.