Photos from End-of-Year Celebration 2016-2017: Inheritance 

Student Symposium:

Our Student Symposium was full of amazing presentations on various cultures. Just walking around the room provided one with a stunning amount of information on different cultural practices and the different ideologies that shape our world. These are only some of the photographs that represent how students at Sacramento State view the 2016-2017 theme of inheritance. 

AudienceHanbok - Clothing StylesArabic and Chinese languageBio169 Ideas on InheritanceEnd-of-Year CrowdTraditional ClothesWedding Practices (Vietnam/Korea)Cultural PracticesFood and History of KoreaRope Whirling (From Mexican Culture)

Faculty Panel:

Faculty representing a variety of different disciplines and perspectives discussed how concepts of inheritance fit into their academic and creative work. They also engaged with the audience and answered questions that were asked. 

Faculty PanelFaculty Panel - EunFac Panel - Mulligan

Keynote Speaker (Cherríe Moraga): 

Cherríe Moraga gave an incredible presentation on "The Body Other/The Other(ed) Body: A Cultural Legacy of Dissent" - For those who came before and for those who follow..." Her words resonated with the audience as she told her own personal story. 
Audience for Cherrie MoragaGroup Photo with Moraga