What is the One World Initiative?

Sac State TreesIn preparing Sacramento State students for their futures as citizens of the world, it is imperative that we provide them with opportunities to develop their understanding of the world in which they live, to adopt a genuine and authentic global perspective on the issues we all face.  The Provost's advisory committee on Curricular Global Engagement  developed the following statement, emphasizing Sacramento State's commitment to providing students with a global education:

"Sacramento State is committed to developing, sustaining and  promoting  global studies, international educational exchanges and research initiatives, in support of the university’s commitment to the preparation of informed world citizens. The University strives to provide students and faculty with the multidisciplinary, intercultural and ethical understandings necessary to engage, lead and prosper in a variety of settings requiring knowledge and problem solving skills in a diverse, global arena."

Initiated by the Provost's Advisory Committee on Curricular Global Engagement, Sacramento State's One World Initiative is a new campus-wide initiative intended to bring together and highlight the many global engagement opportunities at Sacramento State, both within the curriculum and within the broader campus environment. Using the successful One Book model, the One World Initiative works to engage the campus community in discussion and activities around a single topic of global importance. Each year, the One World Initiative committee will select a new theme through which to explore our global interconnectedness. The inaugural 2014-2015 theme, Global Perspectives on Happinessthe 2015-2016 theme Global Perspectives on Power, and the 2016-2017 them Global Perspectives on Inheritance were highly successful, being incorporated into numerous course syllabi and generating over 20 events per semester.

The One World theme for the 2019-2020 Academic Year is Global Perspectives on Justice.

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