One World Initiative and Your Course

If you are including the One World theme in your course, please send us an email at Include the course title and number, along with a brief description of how the theme will be included in the curriculum. We will post all courses addressing the One World theme here.

One World Initiative in the Curriculum

According to the World Studies Trust, global education is not a subject, but a dimension that runs through the curriculum, an extra filter to help students make sense of all the information and opinion the world is throwing at them.

The One World Initiative embraces this concept and emphasizes the ways Sacramento State faculty are providing a global education. Many University courses naturally align with our yearly themes. For the 2016-2017 term, "Global Perspectives on Power", courses have the opportunity for components of the course to incorporate the theme through selected readings, assignments or projects.

We invite faculty to incorporate the One World theme into their courses.

The following faculty have previsouly pledged to include the One World theme of power into their courses for our 2015-16 theme of Power:

Shadieh Mirmobiny

ART 2: Introduction to Islamic Art. The course will examine how Islamic art, with its uniquely defined features, came to be and where it emerged from. These questions will be framed throughout the course in relation to power.

Stan Oden

GOV 184: Introduction to Urban Politics. The course discusses power in city government, power in community politics and how power has shiften in Oakland, CA based on Dr. Oden's book From Blacks to Brown and Beyond: The Struggle for Progressive Politics in Oakland, CA, 1966-2011.

M.L. Pattaratorn Chirapravati

ART 115: Seminar in Asian Art, Refashioning Identity: The Politics of Dress in Early Modern Asia. The seminar focuses on the history of dress across Asia during the colonial, post colonial, and early modern periods (late eighteenth to early twentieth centuries). We will explore the way in which the dress of various Asian elites expressed notions, traditions, ethnic differences, and political power during these historical periods. 

Dr. Marlyn Jones, Criminal Justice:

CRJ 1, Introduction to Criminal Justice and Society

CRJ 172, Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

Alexis Davidson, Communication Studies:

Dr. Aya Ida, Sociology:

SOC 102, Research Methods in Sociology. 

Carolyn Gibbs, Design:

INTD 183.  

Wesley Hussey, Government

GOVT 180, California Government and Politics. 

Dale Russell, Division of Social Work

SWRK 133, International Social Work

David Andersen-Rodgers, Government

GOVT 143: Causes of War, Causes of Peace

GOVT 139S: Human Security