Funding Opportunities

Looking for Additional Funding?

Are you a part of a club, program, center, or instructor looking to host an event related to our 2018- 2019 theme of “Time”? If so, please fill out the Funding Request Form! The One World Initiative Program can help promote your event and even assist with small grants.

Click here to open the Funding Request PDF Form.

Be sure to email us the completed form at NOTE: Failure to send to the correct email,, will result an unreviewed request.  

Note: Funding requests must be submitted by the 2nd Wednesday of every month. If requests are submitted after the 2nd Wednesday, they will be reviewed at the following month's committee meeting. Plan accordingly! 

If you have any questions or concerns about filling out the form, send us an email at or Contact us!

One World Initiative and Your Event:

If your club, program, or center is organizing an event linked to the One World Initiative's 2018-2019 theme of Global Perspectives on Time, please email a description of the event, the date, and the location to oneworld@csus.eduWe will be happy to include your event on our website and assist with promoting it across the campus.

We request that in your promotion of the event you include reference to the One World Initiative so that the campus community knows that it is a part of this exciting global initiative program. Contact us and we can send you a copy of our special mark.