student at nursing orientation
Monica Dean '11 started Hima Mesopotamia, a
non-profitorganization devoted to water issues and
peace in the Middle East.

Students, faculty and staff can easily participate in One World Initiative activities, either by attending a One World event, aligning your existing or emerging course discussion with One World, or creating an event or other special program that directly addresses each year's theme. 

Individual Faculty Members
Consider incorporating the One World theme into your course. This could be a single lecture topic, a section of the course, a student project, or even a full course curriculum. The One World discussion themes are intended to be broad enough that they could easily be incorporated in any course. The level at which you choose to participate is completely up to you. Please let us know if you intend to use the theme in your course. We love to highlight the global opportunities available to our students in the curriculum.

In order to develop a calendar of events we need programs and departments to consider how they could incorporate the theme into one or more of their public activities. For example, if your program runs a film series from a particular part of the world, or a particular issue, if there is a film that could fit into the theme, let us know and we will add it to the calendar and promote it as part of the One World Project. The more varied the activities on the calendar, the richer the experience for anyone following the project.

If you or your student group in interested in developing activities relating to the One World theme, please let us know so that they can be featured on the website and at the culminating event.

Please send any information or questions to: