Student Symposium:

The End-of-Year Celebration 

The Student Symposium is full of amazing student work across campus and disciplines. Students are given the freedom to showcase their understanding of the yearly theme which has featured: cultural performances, lectures, PowerPoints, poster presentations and even a fashion show. There is a faculty panel of 4-5 faculty members across campus and disciplines that discuss their own research in the context of the one world initiative theme.

Want to be part of the 2018 - 2019 Student Sympoisum? 

If you, your program, club, or center, is organizing an event for the One World Initiative's 2018-19 Student Symposium, please email a description of the performance to We will be happy to include you the next Student Symposium!

The 2018-2019 Student Symposium: Global Perspectives on Time


The 2017-2018 Student Symposium: Global Perspectives on Community


The 2016-2017 Student Symposium: Global Perspectives on Inheritance

Audience Hanbok - Clothing StylesArabic and Chinese languageBio169 Ideas on InheritanceCultural PracticesRope Whirling (From Mexican Culture)Faculty Panel - EunFac Panel - MulliganAudience for Cherrie MoragaGroup Photo with Moraga