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About CCPH

The California Council for the Promotion of History is a statewide nonprofit organization founded in 1977 as a state committee of the National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History. It has grown to represent almost every area of historical activity in California: government agencies, businesses, archives, local historical societies, museums, private consulting, and colleges and universities, and other educational institutions.

The purpose of CCPH is to foster, facilitate, and coordinate efforts which enhance appreciation of historical heritage, application of history skills in the public and private sectors, and ensure the preservation, interpretation, and management of California's historical resources.

CCPH represents historians and historical resources before government agencies, sponsors an annual awards program and History Day, advertises employment opportunities, and fosters cooperative action with other California heritage organizations.

Board of Directors:
CCPH is governed by a board, made up of 15 members who each serve three-year terms,
and four officers, a President and Vice-President/President-elect (who each serve two year terms), a Treasurer, and a Recording Secretary. The California State University, Sacramento, also appoints one ex-officio board member. The CCPH board meets three times during the year, at various locations throughout California. For a listing of board members click on the Contact Us link.

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